Directorate of Research and Institutional Development

The Directorate of Research and Institutional Development is headed by the Vice President for Research and Institutional Development. It is responsible for identifying research and policy priorities, as part of the strategic vision for the University. The Directorate coordinates all research and training activities both internal and external.

Directorate of Research and Institutional Development

In response to the increasing human subjects’ research being conducted in Liberia, The Research and Ethics Review Board (REB) was established to guide all human subject research in accordance with internal rules that are described in written Standard Operating Procedures.

The main purpose of the REB is to review the science and ethics of both national and international proposals/protocols submitted to the board while safeguarding the rights, safety, and welfare of the research participants involved. The REB has the authority to modify the research proposals/protocols, approve, suspend or terminate any studies, which are found to violate the ethical guidelines and the status of the REB approval, and oversee the approved studies thereafter.It is also the duty of the Board to provide confidential, independent, competent reviews and approvals.

Requirement for submission for initial review

They are all submitted to the REB Office within the Directorate of Research and Institutional Development which is located at CEPRES International University.

Research Impact

Research Networks and Platforms

CEPRES International Journal of Science and Innovative Studies is an international multidisciplinary thought-provoking and open-access peer-reviewed journal that provides sectorial insights into real-world challenges. With a committed editorial board and competent reviewers, the journal accepts high-quality original research articles, letters, and commentaries on a wide range of disciplines throughout the year. Each submitted manuscript is subject to a high-quality check and double-blind review process before it is accepted for publication.
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Innovation and Partnerships

The university has several collaborations with local and international institutions that pave the way to deliver quality-learning programs. CIU is a leading provider of education that best suits the needs of mature learners and those who have busy schedules to attend physical classes. The University is accredited by the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE). We are also a member of the International Academic and Management Association (IAMA), and have partnerships with several organizations and Universities.