Doctoral Studies

CEPRES International University (CIU) does not offer PhDs. The university recruits PhD students for partner universities. These Schools of Research offer research programs leading to the award of Doctoral Degrees in various fields such as management, public health and public administration, education, sociology, and social work, Agribusiness, Agriculture Extension-Education, Engineering, amongst others. Courses are taken with our partner universities in countries where they are located. Doctoral students spend some time on their main campuses and may return home to do their research papers.

Master Studies

A CIU-LUC Master’s degree increases your earning potential, opens up career advancement opportunities, develops specialist knowledge, and encourages flexibility and lifelong learning. It will build your network, contribute to your personal development, serve as a steppingstone, and make you smarter. CIU conducts the classes with guidance and support from Lincoln University College. Upon completion, students get their degrees from Lincoln University College.                                                                                  

Bachelor's Studies

The Bachelor's degrees are the only degree that CIU will jointly grant. These degrees will build the foundation upon which our graduates shall stand to contribute to their communities and explore the world. Running it as a flexible program allows full-time students to complete their studies in just three years.  Our Top-Up Bachelor's degree programs allow professionals to complete their undergraduate degrees in about two years.



Postgraduate Diploma Program

The IAMA Center of Excellence is a traditional center at CEPRES International University. The Postgraduate Diploma programs at IAMA-CoE are now offered for 9 months with progression to a Master’s degree after the student completes a research publication supervised by a Faculty Member of Lincoln University College . Clearly you can see that following this path would allow the student to complete a Master's degree in as little as 15 months.

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Continuing Education Program

This program provides a platform for college dropouts, as well as those very busy people who are unable to attend classes during daytime due to business, work or other reasons to study from 6PM to 9PM. Courses offered in continuing education program include all courses offered in our regular program. communities as well as explore the world. Running it as a flexible program allows full time students to complete their studies in just 3 years. 

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