Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is one of the application requirements that can highlight academic preparedness.

At CEPRES International University, we review applications holistically, meaning every component of the application is valuable to us as we get to know each student. There are no minimum test scores required to be admitted to CEPRES International University, and there is no score that guarantees admission.


ACC or TOEFL scores are not required at CEPRES International University for first-year and transfer students applying in the present and next year. Our test optional policy will extend to applicants applying for the Fall next year entry term. Applications without ACC or TOEFL scores will not be at a disadvantage. In previous test-optional cycles, we admitted students who submitted ACC or TOEFL  scores, and we admitted students who did not.

Reporting Test Scores

If you choose to submit ACC/SAT test scores as part of your application, we recommend that you simply self-report your highest scores in the testing section of the application. You can also have official scores sent to CEPRES International University, but this is not required for us to review your application. We will review applications using either self-reported or official scores. If you would like to have official scores sent, please use the following codes:

  • TOEFL Code number: D804
  • ACC Code number:

If you are offered admission and choose to enroll, official scores will be required. In order for test scores to be considered official, they must be sent directly from the College Board or the ACT.

CEPRES International University reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission if an applicant’s self-reported test scores do not align with those in the official score report.


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