CEJSIS VOLUME 1 ISSN: 2709 - 4987


Scientific research adds value to human life. It searches for knowledge and shows how to solve problems scientifically. It is vital to get avenues for careful enquiry through search for knowledge. Research could be said to be a journey from known to unknown. It is a systematic effort to gain new knowledge in any kind of discipline. When research is embarked upon to seek a solution to any educational problem it leads to enhanced educational development and improved livelihood. CEPRES Journal of Science and Innovative Studies (CEJSIS) explores the context of educational research. 

The journal sets out several foundations upon which different kinds of empirical research are carried out. It comprises scientific and positivistic methodologies; naturalistic and interpretive methodologies; methodologies from critical theory; and feminist educational research. In our endeavors to come to terms with the problems of day-to-day living, CEJSIS is heavily dependent upon experience and authority. This journal is set up to address the dearth of research in Liberia and other neighboring nations in West African sub region. 

CEJSIS is not only the maiden journal in CEPRES International University; it is also the premier academic journal in the Liberian Nation. We acknowledge the efforts of the editorial board and the peer reviewers whose labor, pains and hard work have made this journal and this volume a dream come true. 

We appreciate the time committed to this maiden project out of your tight time schedules. We hope that this maiden volume in particular and CEJSIS in general, will continue to constitute the first point of call for educational researchers. The journal is available online at https://www.cepres.email/cepres-journal.html NOTE: CEJSIS is a double-blind peer reviewed semi-annual journal, published in March & September every year. To subscribe to this journal, send your articles to the Editor-In-Chief through this email address: nosiru.cepres@gmail.com and copy nom@cepresu.org.

Editorial Consultants: 

Prof. Olugbenga Oworu, Department of Human Kinetics & Health Education, Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria 

Prof. Amos Sirleaf, Cultural Science Research and Development Institute, USA Liberian Mission, USA 

Prof. William Nganje, Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, North Dakota State University, USA 

Prof. Olawale Moronkola, Department of Health Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 

Prof. Edwards Alademerin, Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, University of Eswatini, Eswatini, Southern Africa 

Dr. Mogana Flomo Jr., CEPRES International University, Liberia; African Representative, International Academic and Management Association, India

Editorial Team: 

Dr. Mogana Flomo Sr., Editorial Chair 

Assoc. Prof. Omobolanle Nosiru, Editor-In-Chief 

Dr. Festus Lahai, College of Environmental Science Gender and Development Studies, CEPRES International University, Liberia 

Dr. Silas Juaquellie, College of Education, CEPRES International University, Liberia 

Mr. Jackson Yarkpa, College of Agriculture, CEPRES International University, Liberia 

Mr. Augustine Samolu, College of Allied Health Sciences, CEPRES International University, Liberia 

Mr. Aaron Sonah, College of Public Health, CEPRES International University, Liberia

Assoc. Prof. O.M. Nosiru