Cepres International University
Cepres International University
International University
A Purposeful Mission

CEPRES International University (CIU) was established in 2014 with a foundation of societal commitment. Our mission is to make a global impact by educating students for leadership roles and lives of integrity, advancing essential knowledge, fostering creativity, leading groundbreaking research in clinical therapies, and accelerating impactful solutions.


Equipping students to make significant contributions to society as active citizens and leaders in a multifaceted world

Undergraduate Education

Enriching learning experiences that offer a comprehensive liberal arts foundation and in-depth subject-area knowledge

Graduate Education

Unparalleled opportunities to actively engage in and contribute to the ongoing progress and development of entire fields of knowledge.

Driving impact

Ongoing adult education, executive and professional development programs, as well as specialized programs for K-12 students

Eight Institutions to Ignite Your Passions
Public & Allied Health Sciences
Environmental & Dev. Studies
Applied Sciences
Business & Policy Studies
Engineering & Architecure
Education & Management
Agriculture & Innovation
Professional Studies
Now that you understand, you feel ready to start creating.

Advancing breakthroughs essential to our world, our well-being, and our intellectual pursuits

Four Research Institutes

cross disciplinary boundaries

3 Libraries

hold over 50 items

LRD$ 100 K

sponsored research budget

Upcoming Events

Discover opportunities to connect with individuals, concepts, art, and learning throughout the campus.

Acceptance into CEPRES International University is an astonishing surprise. Engaging deeply and connecting with remarkable individuals quickly makes it feel like the perfect place, as if belonging here all along.
Campus Life

Creating a dynamic network of talented and innovative individuals from across the globe

Student Life

A residential campus offering diverse housing options and exceptional dining experiences

Arts & Culture

A strong legacy of nurturing creativity and a lively arts district on campus

Recreation & Wellness

Cutting-edge facilities and fitness programs for recreation


Providing exceptional freedom to explore, collaborate, and push your limits

Discover the opportunities of a CEPRES International University education as you plan your academic path

We seek unique students who demonstrate boundless energy and curiosity in their studies, activities, projects, research, and daily lives.

CEPRES International University fully meets the financial needs of all qualifying undergraduates.

Over one-thirds of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. Typically, tuition is covered for families with incomes below $ 20,000 LRD