Undergraduate Departments


Natural Resource Management
Plant and Soil Science
Sustainable Agriculture
Veterinary Medicine

Applied Sciences

Food Science & Technology
Medicinal Chemistry
Nutrition and Dietetics
Polymer Chemistry

Business & Policy Studies

Digital Marketing
Human Resource Management
Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Public Administration
Public Sector Management


Arts Education
Early Childhood Education
Education Management
Educational Administration & Supervision
Primary Education
Science Education
Secondary Education with Specialties
STEM Education


Biomedical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

Environmental & Dev. Studies

Development Studies
Environmental Accounting
Environmental Controls & Management
Environmental Health
Environmental Science
Water Supply & Sanitary Management

Information Technology

Information Technology
Network Engineering
Software Engineering

Public & Allied Health Sciences

Community Health
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Health Accounting
Health Administration & Supervision
Health Economics
Health Education & Promotion
Medical Laboratory Technology
Nursing with Specialties
Occupational Health & Safety
Public Health

Graduate Departments

Master's Programs

Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science in Education Technology
Master of Science in Occupational Health & Safety
Master of Science in Health Education
Master of Science in Educational Administration
Master of Science in Curriculum Development
Master of Science in Environmental Management
Master of Science in Water and Sanitation Management
Master of Science in Environmental Health
Master of Science in Agriculture Extension
Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness
Master of Business Administration in Disaster Management