Financial AID request (#4)

Undergraduate Financial Aid Application—Summer


To apply for financial aid for the Summer Semester, students with a complete financial aid application on file for the current academic year need only to submit this completed form to the Financial Aid Office by April 1.

Students who have not applied for financial aid for the current academic year must complete in addition to this form the following requirements by April 1.

1. Applicant Info (required)

2. Summer Quarter (required)

3. Living Situation (required)

4. Planned Summer Enrollment (required)

Please provide your planned enrollment details.

5. Additional Information (optional)

6. Agreement (required)

Acceptance of funds administered by the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at CEPRES International University requires that I understand and agree:


  • To meet satisfactory academic progress standards as defined by the University;
  • To register for a minimum of 8 units and meet all enrollment requirements as established by the University Registrar's Office;
  • If selected, to provide the FAO with additional documentation in compliance with the Liberian Ministry of Education's Verification program;
  • That information provided on this form may be forwarded to outside agencies, particularly to update address and enrollment status for students who have obtained loans;
  • That information in the application may be used to establish eligibility for student aid funds and that providing false information could subject me to a fine or imprisonment, or both, under the provisions of the Liberian Criminal Code;
  • That the information reported on this form is true, correct, and complete, and that I will provide the FAO with a signed copy of my income tax return(s) and any other documentation necessary to verify the data, if requested by the FAO;
  • That any change in my financial circumstances could be grounds for immediate repayment of funds received;
  • To notify the FAO if I enroll in fewer units than stated above.


By entering my CEPRES Student ID number below, I am certifying that all information in this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.