Summer Session at CEPRES International University

Financial aid options for undergraduate summer enrollment at CEPRES International University are limited and depend on whether you are a regular CEPRES student, a student from another college or university, or a high school student.

CEPRES Undergraduates

Need-based CEPRES scholarship funds for summer tuition and/or living expenses are available only to students who have missed a standard semester of the same academic year, or those who will graduate at the end of summer. Exceptions can be made for independent students for whom CEPRES is home if they intend to enroll in classes. Note that if you receive need-based CEPRES scholarship funds, the summer semester does count as one of the semesters you are eligible for funding. Other students will generally be offered financial aid in the form of loans.

Students from Other Colleges and Universities

The CEPRES Financial Aid Office does not award financial aid to students who are not enrolled in degree programs at CEPRES. If you are a student from another school who will enroll at CEPRES for the summer, you should contact the financial aid office at your home school for information about summer aid.